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Ford To Sell Its Electric EV in 19 Cities Initially

Forday today announced 19 cities and markets where it plans to sell its electric car Ford EV, which is based on 2012 Ford Ford Focus. The list of those markets shows the automaker will target the major metro areas for its electric car's introduction.


Ford EV is still more than a year away. Yet, the carmaker is used the opportunity it created with the test driving events of Ford Focus 2012 to announce the new markets where it will initially sell its electric car.

Ford EV will first be sold in the following cities:

Austin, Texas
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Diego
New York City
Orlando, Fla.
Tucson, Ariz.
Portland, Ore.
Raleigh/Durham, N.C.
Richmond, Va.
Seattle, Wash.
Washington, D.C.

"Ford selected its starter markets based on several criteria, including commuting patterns, hybrid market share, and utility and government commitment to EV infrastructure. Ford will consider making the EV available in more markets after the launch," reports. Ford's electric analogue is similar to Nissan Leaf. However, Ford has not yet revealed how much its electric car will cost. Leaf is expected to cost 20,000 dollars in California after some government incentives.. Similar to Nissan Leaf, Ford EV will go 100 miles on a full charge.