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Dodge Charger Enthusiast Redesigns Her Charger Putting a White Tiger on The Hood

My friend Julie Parshall redesigned her Dodge Charger and wanted to share this story with TorqueNews readers. What do you think of her Charger's new look? Here is Julie in her own words.

Ever since I got my Dodge Charger I had a plan to design her. It started off just a black and white theme, but soon after I thought that was boring and common. Thus, I brain stormed and came up with an animal, one with grace, power, and creative beauty.

The White Tiger became my focus as my new theme of my Dodge Charger, where I know everyone would love her as much as I do.

I started off a blank canvas and I slowly built her over a 3 year time to who my Charger is today. What crowned the theme was the new hood I had installed a couple months ago and the completed design with a relaxed white tiger on the scoop of the hood. Last year when I entered her into shows, my Dodge Charger got some attention, but I knew I could do better. This year once all was completed I took her to a show in Michigan and I was absolutely amazed at the attention she got.

White Dodge Charger

I stood around and witnessed families with kids stand before the White Tiger, pointing, laughing, smiling, and enjoying every little detail shown. Watching this all day made me extremely happy knowing that I have brought smiles to these kids faces and watching the parents laugh as they get excited, especially seeing my 67" stuffed white tiger inside sitting in the drivers seat. This was all worth it. Not only I enjoy it, but share her with others as well.

Next will be engine dressing. This will be a hard decision to leave the hood up or down when I am done.