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Confirm Your Tesla Model S Order Before the Price Rise

The price of Tesla Model S will fluctuate after the United Kingdom votes to leave EU and I don't even know what will happen to the price of Tesla Model 3 and its reservations.

If I were a Tesla Model S buyer in Europe and Asia or a Model 3 reservation holder, I would call Tesla and confirm my price. It seems to me that the price rise is certain in Europe and Asia following the Brexit vote and the UK leaving the European Union. The British Pound, Euro and Yen are all dropping, wouldn't this cause a price rise?

Who knows, perhaps the price goes up by 5-10 percent. If you are thinking of ordering a Model X, Model S or Model 3, I would suggest call the nearby Tesla Center and confirm the price.

"Usually the price set by Tesla is adjusted to currency fluctuations with some delay., like a week or two," writes Daniel in Tesla's forum page.

Another Tesla owner, Clark, writes that not just price of Tesla, but price of most everything else including gas, in case one couldn't afford to buy a Tesla anymore, would go up too. This move by UK vote will shake a lot players in the global markets.

Some UK EV owners already are talking about a possible price hike of Ecotricity chargers in UK because Ecotricity is partly funded by the European Union. Now the the UK leaving the EU, this funding will either subside or come at a price.

What do you think how much may Tesla and service prices rise or fluctuate after UK leaves the European Union?