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Canada Day 2011 Road Trip: Where are the drivers headed

Honda Canada decided to question its followers on Canada Day and ask where in this country they are headed. Some are just headed to work.

Toyota Canada also wishes Happy Canada Day to its followers, yet it looks like many of the Toyota's followers are having fun and driving for fun and recreation. This story is more for fun, but it's revealing where the Canadians are driving on the country's birthday.

Thus, few Honda fans are headed to work. Three people are driving to a local beer store, but another fan replies saying the beer store is closed because of the Canada Day. Some others are driving to Halifax and Nova Scotia. Others are headed to their cottages for some weekend recreation.

The general impression is that people just want to drive away to avoid big city traffic and get some fun.

Some of the Toyota fans are looking forward to the awesome things "our town does, especially the amazing fireworks done by the Volunteer Firefighters." One of the fans, who is a female parent, says her 18-years old sun bought his first Toyota Rav4 and they are going to pick it up. "I think he will have a great Canada Day driving around in it with the moon roof open, shares Melanie Taylor Gillespie, Toyota Canada fan.

One other fan says he has a temporary 2011 Toyota Corolla. He reveals it is a rental car and plans to drive it to Ottawa.

Canada Day is frequently referred as Canada's Birthday. This is why the readers may read in many forums on how old is Canada. This national holiday is formerly known as Dominion Day. It is a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, which united three British colonies into a single country, called Canada.