BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y
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BMW iX Is a Closer Match To Tesla Model Y

Today when I published the video report about BMW's iX xDrive40 and xDrive50 release specs, date and price, Torque News Youtube community actively provided some good and informative feedback. Some people said it's expensive at $83,200, others said it's impressive, while others complained about the grill and BMW's current design language. However, Torque News contributor Dean McManis compared the BMW iX with Tesla Model Y in a very interesting comparison. Here is what Dean wrote.

It is good news that BMW is expanding their BEV offerings, and I am sure that die hard BMW fans may choose this over their gas crossover offerings, or competitor's BEVs.

But I cannot get past the gaping dual kidney grills, that are bigger in this new design, and unneeded in the EV models.

The BMW iX's $83K price tag puts it very close in price to the $90K, close to the refreshed Tesla Model X, due out early next year.

But the iX only offers seating for 5 people, so in many ways it's a closer match for the Tesla Model Y.

If the iX shares the X5's 72 cuft of interior space with the seats folded down, that puts it much closer to the Model Y's 68 cu-ft of interior space. And of course the Tesla Model Y LR starts at a far lower $52K with AWD and 326 est miles of range, and the $61K Performance Model has an estimate of 303 miles of range, but hustles to 60MPH in 3.5 sec! I do like BMW's new i4 more than the awkward i3, but I wouldn't choose it over the Tesla Model 3.

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