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10 Cars Burn Out In Hamburg's Porsche Dealership

One day before the G20 meeting ten cars were burned down at the Porsche Zentrum in Hamburg-Eidelstedt. There is no trace of the perpetrators. The police are checking whether there is a link with the forthcoming summit.

Local officials suspected that there is a link between the Porsche fire and the forthcoming G20 summit. The damage is being fully assessed now.

"We have to start from firefighting, the connection with the G20 summit is now probably obvious, but must be proven first," said Hamburg's police chief Ralf Martin Meyer to ZDF. It's a crime scene and the state is currently investigating the fire.

To what extent other cars were damaged by the fire, can not be said yet.

We learn from the Porsche Zentrum's Facebook page that this is one of the largest Porsche dealerships in Germany.

Porsche dealership in Hamgrug fire

The dealership posted the following message on its Facebook page saying despite the damages the dealership will immediately contact the concerned customers.

Various media outlets already report on the fire in the exterior of our Porsche subsidiary Hamburg North-West, which has taken place last night.

New and second-hand vehicles were damaged, of them were completely burnt out. No people were injured and our building was also undamaged.

The Police investigation is taking place. We will immediately contact and inform all concerned customers.

Here is the Spiegel's Video Report from the burnt dealership.

Updated on May 11, 2018.