See the Mini Cooper Coupe Prepare to Launch float in the NYC Halloween parade.

Mini Cooper Coupe launch going where no car has gone before

The Mini Cooper Coupe is the latest in the long line of vehicles well known for their movie and/or marketing stunts. Now they are going where no car has gone before with a Space Shuttle themed marketing campaign and a float that will be featured in the New York City Village Halloween Parade. The promotion is called “Prepare for Launch,” (with the tongue-in-cheek post script: ”Hold on!”).

British PM drives MINI Cooper convertible off of the assembly line

Ten years ago, in 2001, the German automobile manufacturer, British Motor Corporation (BMW) began producing the MINI as one of their automotive marques. Just few days ago, UK Prime Minister David Cameron drove the two millionth MINI Cooper convertible off the production line from the plant in Oxford, the Downing Street reports.