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What I'll be watching for tomorrow on the Tesla 3Q Earnings Call

In this article, I'll explain how to listen to Tesla's third-quarter earnings call and why you would want to, even if you aren't a shareholder. You will learn what to expect from the call and how to find out what questions will be asked. I'll also mention the type of news you shouldn't expect to hear on this call and why not.


Tesla Model 3 Owner Walks Away From High-Speed Head-On Crash With Minor Injuries

In this article, I'll describe what I know about the accident and how the Tesla Model 3 helped prevent injuries to the driver of the car in this tragic accident.


Norway Tesla Sales Results Show A Market Hungry For More Model 3 Cars

When the sales results for Norway (the world's leading EV market by adoption percentage) came out, Tesla detractors saw Tesla's 5th place sales a sign of weakness, is there something else going on?


Tesla's Fremont Team at Giga Shanghai Building Model Y Lines and Retooling Kuka Robots

Here we cover news from Tesla China from Taylor Ogan, CEO of Snow Bull Capital on the new Model Y lines being built in Gigafactory Shanghai.