Ford F150

The Ford F Series has been the bestselling vehicle in America for more than three and a half decades and as the most popular option in the F Series lineup, the F150 is effectively the single most popular vehicle in America.
Ford 2020 Fusion Sedan

Ford Looks At Recalls of 1.7M Vehicles For Brake, Windshield Wiper Problems

Ford hasn't had it easy lately. With its CEO Jim Farley calling on the automaker to improve quality and a new quality chief in place, the automaker is still encountering problems. This time with a potential recall of 1.5 million midsized Fusions and Lincolns and a potential problem with F-150 pickups for problems with wiper arms.
2023 Ford Lightning Pickup

Ford Gets Serious About Lightning Problems, Issues Small Recall

Any automaker, whether it is Ford, GM, or Stellantis wants to make sure its products are in good shape. That's why it was important for Ford to shut down its Lightning assembly line to make sure its pickup was in good shape. The automaker found the problem troubling the pickup and is now ramping toward full production.
Lightning Electric Pace Truck

Ford EV Problems Illustrate Issues Facing Auto Industry

The Ford Lightning story is a cautionary tale for the auto industry. The automaker halted production of the electric pickup due to battery fire issues and notified a handful of customers of other battery-related problems. While standard vehicles go through teething problems, the industry is rushing headlong into the electric universe. Their problems with electrics, like Ford's issues, are standing out right. They will get better but right now there are issues.
2023 Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra pickup trucks

Used Pickup Truck Prices May Drop Dramatically as Recession Hits

Is the American Dream of owning a pickup truck about to come crashing down? Experts predict a drastic drop in pickup truck prices as the economy enters a recession. But not all truck manufacturers and models are created equal. Find out which pickups are expected to hold their value and which ones may leave you stranded at the dealership in this brief report about pickup truck prices in a recession.
Ford F-150 Conventional Pickup

Supply Chain Crisis Over; Stored F-150s Begin To Get The Semiconductors They Need

Though it has slipped far into the background, the supply chain problem has impacted Ford and other automakers for at least the last two years -- until very recently, in fact. Now, as the supply of semiconductors has increased the chipless trucks that were placed into storage are getting the semiconductors they need and heading for sale.