1956 bristol

British couple completes Around-the-World roadtrip

Do you think taking a roadtrip is a great way to see the world? Geoffery Herdman and his wife Hilary, certainly agree! The British couple just completed an “Around-the-World” roadtrip racking up over 33,000 miles.

During the incredible roadtrip, the Herdman’s traveled on awful roads, many of which with no tarmac, climbing to 10,000 feet on several occasions and yet only had $125 spent on repairs! The trip, which Geoffrey describes as a 'wrinkly gap year' took 16 months.

They also did the roadtrip in a bit of an old car, a 1956 Bristol. Only 42 of these cars were made, probably making spare parts hard to come by.

As Geoffrey proudly states “the evidence speaks for itself - the Bristol 405 Drophead is the ideal touring car”. I guess it is if the Herdman's drove it around-the-world!

The Herdman's incredible roadtrip involved driving up the east coast of North America to Halifax before crossing Canada and then heading south down the west coast. After a couple of months in South America, they headed to Australia before the car was shipped back via Turkey for the drive home.


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