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Base Model Car Comparisons: The Base Line

As an example, for many years, perhaps still, Chevrolet would not let you buy cruise control in a base model Cobalt or Malibu. You had to upgrade to at least the 1LT, or maybe the 2LT in order to get a fundamental necessity like cruise control and usually the LT was thousands more than the base. It came with other nonsense I didn't want to pay for. Chevy would taunt and goad you into stepping up to more money or they wouldn't let you have the fundamental goodie you needed.

So I never bought Chevys. I liked them, I just didn't buy them.


2016 HR-V may be Honda’s most underappreciated purchase value

Although arguably a bit flat as to on demand horsepower and torque,(141 [email protected] rpm/127 lb-ft [email protected]) Honda’s manufactured in Mexico Fit world platform subcompact HR-V crossover is vis