Chevrolet confirms diesel for 2013 Cruze

In addition to efficiency of the Cruze Eco, Chevrolet has now confirmed the rumor is true; an even more efficient diesel variant will be offered for the 2013 model year.

According to the General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) news release, the diesel engine will bolster the already fuel-efficient Cruze lineup.

For the record, diesel versions of the Cruze are currently being sold in Europe. So, it is surprising this variant isn’t a mid-year 2012 offering. Perhaps there is an issue over federalization, the task of making the car meet all U.S. EPA and NHTSA requirements.

The Cruze Eco, however, with a standard six-speed manual transmission, is not going away; as it is still considered the most fuel-efficient gas-powered/non-hybrid vehicle in America, with an EPA-rated 42 mpg on the highway. This diesel offering will make the car retain its leading position.

For the record, an article in June by TN’s Gordon Block noted the expectation for the diesel Cruze would be 50 mpg highway. Read: Chevrolet to offer diesel Cruze in the US. This latest news release, though, did not mention any highway mileage. Nor was there any mention of a city rating.

The latest news release did, however, state additional details on the Cruze diesel for North American markets will be released at a later date. So it appears this latest news release was put out just to confirm the rumor that was considered a leak.


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