2014 Acura ILX

Award winning 2014 Acura ILX a small step up from Civic Si

With Acura’s Monday announcement of yet another consumer award for the entry level ILX, we take a look at the competition. Surprisingly enough, the Civic Si Sedan is sitting in the middle of the pack.

The compact luxury sports sedan is a curious commodity. The sector isn’t as vast or populated as it was in years past with domestic entries all but eliminated by the great recession.

While we may look to Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen for what most consider to be high quality compact sedans, when Acura performs an online comparison of the ILX to the competition, they look to Buick, Mercedes Benz and Audi A3.

Surprisingly , you can purchase a base priced Audi A3 for a mere $700 more than a fully loaded ILX. The same is true for the Mercedes CLA 250, all high output OHC 4 cylinder runabouts with major brand names and standard accouterments knocking on luxury's door.. Where the ILX takes the field is in its fully dressed and highly loaded tech-driven manifestation.

This compact Acura truly shines when comparing the car ‘apples to apples’ with the competition. The value added Acura ILX beats the competition by coming off the retail lot for $5,000 to $6,000 below a comparably equipped competitor. There may be one exception.


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Sweet little car. But for a 6' 5" guy like me, Fugettaboutit... None the less. Acura takes the segment for affordability and reliability in a mid-priced compact luxury sedan. Worth a look.
Thank you Paul. It was nice speaking with you this morning, I'll check it out.