Bob Weed and John Hipchen of Copper Development Assoc at BPI 2011

Copper Development Association scores well at The Business of Plugging In 2011

The Copper Development Association did more than just spread the word at The Business of Plugging In 2011 about the value of copper induction motors now used by Tesla Motors in their electric vehicles. It gave new insight to attendees of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conference.

The Copper Development Association (CDA) is at the Business of Pluggin IN 2011, a Center for Automotive Research conference in Dearborn, Michigan to spread the word about the value of copper induction motors now used by Tesla Motors in their electric vehicles.

Today, I spoke directly with Bob Weed, CDA vice president OEM, who demonstrated the innovation of the copper motor. If the conference theme this year was cross-industry collaboration, offering attendees the opportunity to discuss the potential for growth and consumer acceptance of PEVs, then it succeeded.

“It’s a perfect opportunity for the CDA to collaborate with engineers and designers as we show how this improved technology will enhance the hybrid and electric vehicle industry,” Weed says. “Copper has always been recognized as the preferred material for conducting electricity, which is why it’s used universally in motor windings.”

Copper Induction Motors vs. Permanent Magnet Motors for EVs

In the past, internal permanent magnet motors have been a popular design. But that view is evolving as automakers consider the induction motor, a potential alternative to the permanent magnet motor. Copper induction motors have comparable torque and efficiency, along with a rugged, durable design. Other advantages to the copper induction motor include:

1. Copper rotors don’t have a drag loss when the motor turns on and they don’t lose their efficiency during high speed or low torque conditions. This makes them well suited for hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


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