5th Gen Ram Concept

Hopefully This Isn't the Face of the 5th Generation Ram 1500 Pickup (Video)

A new commercial by the Chrysler Group bragging about winning Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year honors two years in a row has revealed an intriguing image of what could be a future Ram pickup but as a multiple Ram owner – I hope that this rendering is not the future of the award winning Ram 1500.

Although the Ford F Series pickup has been America’s bestselling truck and vehicle for almost 4 decades, the Ram pickup family has proven to be an innovator in the segment since long before Ram was a brand of its own. The Chrysler Group might not sell as many Ram pickups as Ford sells F Series models but Ram trucks have one of the biggest enthusiast followings in the automotive industry and much of that enthusiasm is centered around the powerful drivetrains, cutting edge technology and – of course – striking styling. Since the second generation Ram pickup was introduced for the 1994 model year, Chrysler’s pickups have been at the forefront of advanced truck design but the truck shown above (captured from the video shown below) looks like a substantial departure from the basic design cues that have been the Dodge and Ram trucks so popular over the past 40+ years.

That short video (which is included below) is your typical automaker commercial with the deep voice guy bragging about why the Ram 1500 is awesome with the emphasis being the fact that the half ton Ram has won the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award two years in a row. To many people this commercial may have been ignored as just another truck commercial but at the 3 second and 20 second mark of this commercial we get a look at a curious vehicle that appears to be some sort of Ram concept. A still from the 3 second mark is posted above and as you can see, this appears to be some sort of futuristic Ram brand vehicle from the front and while the Ram brand has been known for cutting edge exterior designs – this appears to be a touch too far into the future for my tastes.


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Its a ram power wagon concept its the next ram