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Hi! I'm Jeremy Noel Johnson, and I am a Tesla investor and supporter and own a 2022 Model 3 RWD EV and I don't have range anxiety :). I enjoy bringing you breaking Tesla news as well as anything about Tesla or other EV companies I can find, like Aptera. I'm also very interested in AI, Tesla Energy and the Tesla Bot! You can follow me on X.COM or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow my Tesla and EV news coverage.

Cybertruck Will Succeed Where the DeLorean Did Not: Both Vehicles Are Iconic 2023-11-15
Multiple Cybertrucks Seen "Cutting Corners" in Road Testing at Giga Texas, Preparing For Launch in Two Weeks 2023-11-14
Prime Minister of Thailand, Srettha Thavisin, Seen Standing on Tesla Cybertruck in Fremont With Lars Moravy - VP Engineering at Tesla 2023-11-14
Elon Musk Wished "Speedy Recovery" By India Minister of Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal After Visiting Tesla Fremont Factory 2023-11-14
Tesla's Navigation and Range Calculation System: 15 Things Calculated While You Drive To Give Your Range 2023-11-13
One Day, Tesla Prices Will Be Absurdly Cheap: Here's How Much and Why 2023-11-13
Tesla Model 3 Seen Doing Testing In Harsh Environmental Conditions: Extreme Desert Heat, Sand, and Rock 2023-11-13
Model X Laser Ambient Lighting: And Tesla Customizations You May Not Have Heard About 2023-11-13
Black Matte New Tesla Roadster Looks Powerful, Sleek, and Majestic 2023-11-12
Elon Musk: About Two Weeks Until Customers Can Use FSD V12 2023-11-12
Volvo Officially Unveils Its All-Electric Minivan, the EM90: Tesla, Are You Watching This? 2023-11-12
Tesla Cybertruck Windshield Wiper Is Still Huge: Here's How Much Coverage It Provides 2023-11-12
Smooth And Up Close View of Tesla Cybertruck Steering All 4 Wheels 2023-11-12
Tesla Model 3 Highland Has a Secret Door Latch: What the Secret Door Latch Is Actually Used For 2023-11-12
Tesla Creates Legal Contract For Cybertruck Buyers - You May Not Resell In the First Year of Ownership Or Else Tesla May Sue For $50,000 2023-11-12
Crowd Chants "Cybertruck! Cybertruck!" and "Look At That!" as Cybertruck Wows at Austin Texas Electrify Expo 2023-11-11
Electricity Shortage Coming In 2 Years: Utility Companies Are Not Ready, But Tesla Is With Three Solutions 2023-11-11
Cybertruck Seen Hauling SpaceX Rocket Booster - Tesla and SpaceX Working Together In Preparation for Potential November 17 Starship Launch 2023-11-11
On Site Construction At Giga Mexico Begins - Worker Seen Tearing Down A Decades Old Building 2023-11-11
Tesla $25,000 Car - Multiple Reports - Pilot Line Is In Giga Texas - Giga Mexico Construction On Site Begins 2023-11-11
Tesla Model 3 Highland Changes That Aren't Well Known 2023-11-10
HSBC Tesla Report Carries a Sell Rating at $146 With 33% Downside: Why Their Report Is Flawed 2023-11-10
Tesla's FOUR Secret Weapons - Will Generate $Trillions 2023-11-10
The 16,000 Ton Giga Press Is A Massive Marvel of Engineering For Single Castings - It Takes 120 Days to Assemble 2023-11-10
Tesla Quietly Listing New Vehicles on - First Time Tesla Sells New Cars Outside of Its Man Website: New Demand Lever Pulled 2023-11-10