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Hi! I'm Jeremy Noel Johnson, and I am a Tesla investor and supporter and own a 2022 Model 3 RWD EV and I don't have range anxiety :). I enjoy bringing you breaking Tesla news as well as anything about Tesla or other EV companies I can find, like Aptera. I'm also very interested in AI, Tesla Energy and the Tesla Bot! You can follow me on X.COM or LinkedIn to stay in touch and follow my Tesla and EV news coverage.

Ford CEO, Jim Farley, "We received the document today" From Tesla on 48-Volt Architecture: Elon Musk Responds With, "You're welcome" 2023-12-06
"Truck 2.0" - This Epic Cybertruck Video Review Details Everything Including the Exterior Being the Least Outrageous Part 2023-12-06
Stunning New Tesla Roadster With A Silver Body Seen On Display - With a Single Windshield Wiper 2023-12-06
Tesla Offering Cybertruck Foundation Series Online Configurator For AWD Version At $99,990 - With Premium Accessories 2023-12-06
Jay Leno Spotted Driving Foundation Series Cybertruck, Number 5: Says, "It's From My Buddy, Just Came Off the Line, Is Incredible, and Feels as Fast as a Tesla Plaid!" 2023-12-06
Cybertruck Foundation Series Reservation Holder Reveals Cost Of $120,000: Only 1,000 Will Ever Be Made 2023-12-06
Tesla's Giga Shanghai Will Expand In Phase 3 Construction To Produce Compact Car For $25,000 and Energy Storage Locally 2023-12-06
Danger Ahead for Tesla Insurance: Faulty Forward Collison Warnings Inflate Premiums, Triggering Class-Action Lawsuit 2023-12-05
Tesla Cybertruck 4-Wheel Steering-By-Wire Compared To Wiggling Cat In Purrfect Comparison 2023-12-04
Tesla Vehicles Look So Tiny Compared To Huge Transport Ship As Long Line of Tesla Vehicles Prepare to Be Exported From Giga Shanghai 2023-12-04
The Tesla Cybertruck Is Currently Breaking the Internet: Multi-Millions of Video Views In Just a Few Days 2023-12-04
Stunning Winter Photos of Giga Berlin: Production In Full Force 2023-12-03
Tesla Owner: I Haven't Really Done Any Maintenance For the Last Few Years 2023-12-03
Tesla Slams Other Auto Companies For Slow Innovation: Sends Free Guide to 48-Volt Architecture To Its Competitors 2023-12-03
Tesla Made a Mistake - The Cybertruck Range Extender Should Have Gone Underneath the Truck Bed 2023-12-02
How To Get Free Charging For Your Tesla - Or Any Other EV 2023-12-02
Elon Musk Says, "We Could Probably Make This Real Next Year" For Tesla Bot Doing Bulletproof Testing On Cybertruck 2023-12-01
Tesla Cybertruck Has Armored Accessories, 2.5 Inches Lift for Suspension, Starlink Mount and Much More 2023-12-01
Tesla Cybertruck Towing Capabilities Compared to Rivian Trucks: Cybertruck Shows Massive Advantage in Torque 2023-12-01
Thinking About Giving a Car As a Gift This Holiday Season? What To Know and Where Tesla Ranks as a Gift 2023-12-01
Tesla Cybertruck Will Be the Ultimate Police Car: Bulletproof, Strong, and as Fast as a Porsche 911 With Armored Accessories 2023-12-01
Cybertruck Range Extender: A Battery Add-on For $16,000 That Extends Range Up To 470 Miles - Toolbox Size In the Truck Bed 2023-11-30
Cybertruck Delivery Event - Everything You Need To Know: Exclusive Details Revealed: Range, Performance, Specs, and More 2023-11-30
Elon Musk Shows Off Cybertruck Production Line - An Endless Line of Cybertrucks As Customer Deliveries Near: Plus Exclusive Photos At Event 2023-11-30
Giga Texas Is Swarming With Cybertrucks In Preparation For One of a Kind Cybertruck Delivery Event 2023-11-29