Acura MDX

MDX sales carry Acura Division through slow March

Looking to the numbers, Acura tells us that the popular MDX SUV drove a 10.5 percent increase in overall sales for March, generally a slow month for Auto sales. Torque News takes a closer look at the numbers.

Working in and around the auto industry for the better part of 3 decades toughens the proverbial skin a-bit. When it comes to production, versus dealership sales numbers, we take reported sales numbers with a grain of salt. They don’t weigh much in predicting sales momentum for the balance of the year.

Looking closely at ‘sales to date’ numbers released by American Honda Motors on April Fools Day, (no joke) we discover that the “number one luxury car maker by letter,” is not an exception to the first quarter sales blues.

While the MDX SUV is kicking butt on the sales lot, the balance of the line recorded negative sales figures for March. Is this a reflection on the quality of product or value received for the dollar spent? Not necessarily.

In the car sales business, January comes to a screeching halt following “end of the year” close out sales and “ Holiday, Christmas savings events. As the last 2013 models roll off of the lot in January and February, sales die off a bit as car buyers wait for the arrival of new models and subsequent factory discount and lease incentives.


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CUVs have higher profit margins so Acura has to be happy about that. However, it does not help that they let the TSX & TL drag on for 6th year & then plan on replacing them both with one model. Top that with a less than exciting ILX & RLX, it is no surprise that their sedan sales are low.
Interesting statement. While I agree with you that the balance of the line has been hammered by poor sales resulting from? That has little to do with the popularity of the MDX and RDX. Looking to the numbers$, Acura has packaged its light truck offering with a greater number of tech-rich standard features than the competition. And, do so at a lower MSRP. As a former TL Driver, I can attest to the cramped cabin and exceedingly stiff ride. I believe that an aging demographic is driving the change throughout the Acura line. It will be interesting to see what the future brings. Thanks for dropping in beelze.