2013 Honda Civic HF

Gasoline misser takes a close look at the 2013 Honda Civic HF

Honda takes the science of smooth body- pan wind draft dynamics and applies it to the Honda Civic HF, the thriftiest gasoline powered Civic in the line-up. A great idea, why we won’t see it in 2014.

As with most applied innovations at Honda, this one was developed and tested on the race track. While we find the same body design upgrades common to all Civics as introduced to the world at the 2012 SEMA show, the HF utilizes one or two innovations that may not be as evident when viewing the car.

Honda engineering has integrated a trunk downdraft wing, solid under body panels and a dish designed low-flex aluminum mag rim with hard compound low-profile tires. While the HF upgrade to the Civic Sedan does produce an astonishing 41 mpg highway rating, you will be paying forward for the fuel savings at the time of purchase and for years to come. Here’s why…

An entry level Civic Ex-L sports a sticker price of msrp $18165.00. This car offers the same basic features of the Civic lineup and an average mpg of 28/36. Pretty impressive mileage for a car that will seat 4 adults in comfort.


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While some buyers are happy to pay the premium for a hybrid, it appears that fewer find value in a Civic that will save them 2-4 mpg on the Highway. It appears that most are looking for better economy in city commuting. Honda continues to struggle in this category.
It is a crazy world. Civics and Corollas get insanely great mileage. Meanwhile 15 MPG city trucks are the most popular single selling vehicle in the USA. Too much focus on the little cars and their MPG requirements. CAFE is not fair. Just my two cents.
I agree John. CAFE mandatory minimums may be set a bit too high. However, I believe the benchmark is driving the industry toward a sustainable 0 emissions future. Now, where did I leave the keys to my Dodge pick up? .. Thanks for dropping in.. B.T.W. nice Tesla read...
The HF is an excellent choice for the person who commutes over 80 miles a day to work. It is true the factory ecopia EP20 tires on my 2012 are only rated at 30-40k miles but the replacement EP422 is a much better all season tire and has a 65k warranty. I average 42mpg on regular gas.