2015 Honda Fit hatch

American Honda: 2015 Fit on sale now, we can’t find one

American Honda announced Monday afternoon through its G+ circle, that the 2015 Hacho in Mexico Fit “ is on sale now.” We can’t find one in the Pacific Northwest.

Our last Honda Fit article received much attention from readers as we expounded on the price point and tech-rich value added standard features of the made in Mexico 2015 Fit.

looking to the spec sheet and first driving impressions of the totally redesigned Fit, we believe the car to be the best overall value in a very competitive sub-compact class, and fully expect Fit to give the Nissan Versa Note a run for the money. One question that came up in the thread was” can anyone tell me when the 2015 Honda Fit will be available at dealerships?” After a 2 month delay, we couldn't answer the question.

The 2015 Fit is missing in action...


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This morning, I read on another "Hondafan" site that San Francisco Honda claims to have 2015 Fits in stock now. They also claim to be the biggest seller of Fits in the US.
Good morning Steve. That would be the 5th West Coast dealership reporting availability in a teaser ad. We'll check it out. Thanks for the lead.
Are at Berkeley and El Cerrito as of yesterday, 5-9-14. I know because I drove one.
Thank Lynn for the heads up. What did you think of the car?
I purchased a 2015 Silver EX-L last night in Auburn, California. Auburn Honda sold two yesterday and they have a Red EX on their showroom floor.
Thanks Ryan. We trust that you'll enjoy your new Fit and would like some back from you in the near future. Thanks. Parks.
Here is a little update. My wife took the car on a joyride yesterday through the Sierra foothills. After that drive the car got 27.8 mpg. She said it took a little while to get used to how long it takes to slow down after taking her foot off the accelerator prior to corners. I have a feeling for a while she was breaking hard and accelerating hard out of corners. This morning I took it to work and it is about 10 miles. 2 miles of city, 8 miles of freeway. I got 39.5 mpg and I was on Eco for half the way. My average speed was about 65 mph with some 70-75. At 70 mph the rpms were about 2300. The car has 185 miles on it now and it is showing 32.5 mpg, although there aren't enough miles under it to really know.