2015 Honda Fit features performance beyond expectations

Taking the wheel of a 2015 Fit EX, the first thing Torque News encountered was a bit of mild confusion as to space and time continuum. How did Honda take a sub-compact and supersize it and how much time could we burn this afternoon playing with the Fit?

We finally caught up with the missing car transport at Kendall Honda of Eugene, Ore. Thanks to a phone call from our friend Paul Casey, we would drive the first 2015 Fit delivered to Track Town U.S.A.. Although initial delivery of the Fit was limited to 1 for most dealerships, Paul had 3 on the floor and a Red EX coming off of a transport as we pulled onto the lot.

Torque News would drive an Alabaster Silver on Black EX with 16 inch spoked rims and one touch moonroof. Honda design had absolutely nailed it as to exterior design and color combinations. This sub-compact bordered on stunning.


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Where's the rest of the review?
Very good article. I'm headed to Honda now to have a look for myself.
Thanks Jay, my publisher Patrick, would like to read the rest of the review. I'm on it.
I sure would like to read the rest of this review.
Thanks Eric and Patrick. I've linked it to the last line of this strory.