2012 Coda Sedan

Coda Automotive makes first fleet sale of electric car for AEP Ohio's smart grid testing

Coda Automotive announces first sale of the company's electric car to a fleet owner, fulfilling a long-term goal in the area of fleet sales, which the company points out accounts for 22 percent of auto sales in the US.

Electric car manufacturer, Coda Automotive, announced today the first sale of the company's all-electric car to a fleet owner. The sale (and delivery) was made to AEP Ohio, a unit of All Electric Power.

AEP Ohio, which serves nearly 1.5 million customers in Ohio and the West Virginia panhandle, purchased the Coda all-electric car after testing a pre-production vehicle in 2011.

“AEP is an ideal first fleet partner and we’re thrilled to work with them,” said Bill Beasley, vice president of automotive sales, CODA Automotive. “Not only do they provide electricity to millions of Americans, but their large fleet has many potential applications for electric vehicles, which could save their company money on rising fuel costs. We see this as a long-lasting relationship and look forward to helping AEP’s fleet become a leader in sustainability.”

The purchase is part of an AEP demonstration project to learn more about electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. AEP's gridSMART project is that companies Smart Grid effort. A smart meter deployment was made in 2010, and now the company is assessing how electric vehicles and smart appliances will impact the electric grid. The project is meant to eventually demonstrate to AEP's customer base the benefits of full scale smart grid deployment.


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