The 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Next Gen Ford Fusion production could save the Ford Mustang facility

Rumors have been swirling that the Ford Mustang would be leaving its current home in Flat Rock, Michigan when the Mazda6 sedan moved production to Japan but thanks to the new Ford/UAW contract, it looks like the next generation Ford Fusion will be built alongside the Mustang – saving the production facility of the fabled pony car.

The Auto Alliance plant in Flat Rock, Michigan is currently the home of the Ford Mustang and the Mazda6 sedan and it has been for some time, as Ford and Mazda have worked together for years to build both joint models like the Ford Probe along with separate models like the current Mazda6 and Mustang. However, Mazda announced earlier this year that they would be shifting production of the Mazda6 into Japan which would leave the Mustang to have a stable of its own. The only problem with that idea is that the Mustang does not move enough units to keep a production facility the size of Flat Rock up and running. The combined production of the Mazda6 and the Ford Mustang keep Flat Rock busy but rumors suggested that without Mazda, Ford may need to move the production of the Mustang somewhere else.


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What are some good places to find 2011 Ford Fusion floor mats? Do I need to go for any accessories store for the car or a Ford dealership for specific floor mats?
I was also looking for Ford Fusion accessories and I think the best first start is Ford's website. There are other places as well of course to find floor mats or other accessories, but I am refraining to paste a website there. The automaker's original source is the best first start.