2015 Ford F150

Lightweight Body of 2015 Ford F150 Could Lead to Higher Costs

The recently introduced 2015 Ford F150 uses copious amounts of aluminum in the body panels to allow the next generation F150 to be a whopping 700 pounds lighter but the downside of this lightweight body is likely to be higher insurance costs stemming from higher repair costs when those aluminum panels are damaged.

The body panels that Ford has introduced for the 2015 F150 truck are largely comprised of aluminum and that makes this new half ton pickup about 700 pounds lighter than comparable outgoing models. The problem as many consumers see it is that aluminum is a lighter, “softer” and less durable metal so the body might be flimsier than a steel body.

Ford insists that these new aluminum body panels are actually more resistant to dents and dings so 2015 F150 owners will have to worry less about minor damages. The problem is that no vehicle is safe from more serious damages and when these aluminum bodied F150 pickups sustain more severe damage – it will cost more to repair these trucks than would similar damage to an F150 with a steel body.

The problem is that repairing aluminum body panels like the ones on the 2015 Ford F150 requires body shops to have special tools and special training. The tools used to fix a steel fender or door cannot safely be used to fix that same panel made out of aluminum and the techniques used to fix steel panels cannot always apply to fixing aluminum panels.


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Tesla owners have recently reported issues with having basic body panel repairs done, even in aluminum intensive markets like California. However, looking at the bright side, the F-150 being THE most popular vehicle in North America, it looks like folks like me with an aluminum Lexus (hood, trunk, roof etc.) will begin to benefit as more and more shops update their tools and methods to service these types of vehicles.