Chrysler UAW workers caught drinking, smoking pot during lunch – for the third time

Based on an investigation by Detroit Fox 2 News, the Chrysler Group is once again faced with the issue of Union Auto Workers drinking alcohol and smoking what looks to be marijuana both before their shift and during their lunch break – this time involving employees at the company’s Trenton Engine Facility.

The issue if UAW plant workers drinking and smoking pot first came up last September when Fox 2 caught their first glimpses of Chrysler employees from the Jefferson North Assembly Plant having a little party in the park during their lunch breaks. These folks were caught by hidden camera drinking a variety of different types of beer and smoking what looked to be marijuana. They looked to be having a great time until the Fox 2 Detroit crew came out of hiding, attempting to interview these law-breaking autoworkers. From that incident, Chrysler took quick action – firing 13 and suspending 2 for improper conduct. Unfortunately, not all of the folks at JNAP learned their lesson as in February this year, three employees from the home of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango sport utility vehicles were caught leaving during lunch to visit the home of a nearby drug dealer where they engaged in the use of illegal drugs. Click here for more on that incident in February.


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must be why the gov give them bailout money,seems they are all about supporting drug users goverment housing is full of them.
Funny how they are up in arms about drinking on the job at Car Manufacturers these days. My Dad worked for GM for 30 years. Many times he would get in a van driven by a bar tender of a local bar and have 'Lunch'. All my life I've heard stories of him and his co-workers going up on the roof and drinking while listening to a baseball, football or other game. Seriously, if you think this is only going on at Chrysler you are mistaken. And this is not new. My Dad retired in the 1980's. So I believe this has been going since there have been Car Companies.