Honda 2014 CR-V

Honda 2014 CR-V is a value packed winner in the small SUV sector

As Honda announces that CR-V sales are up 5.35% over vehicles sold in Nov. 2012, we take a look at why this small SUV continues to outsell the competition. In taking a close look at Honda’s pocket urban gorilla off-roader, I find CR-V EX to be affordable and value packed

While this reporter rarely finds himself captured by the specifications sheet of a small SUV, I must admit that I’m surprisingly impressed by the base price and standard features offered on the 2014 CR-V. 23,509 of my readers bought one from their local North American dealer in Nov.

Second in sales only to the Accord, America’s # 1 selling light vehicle, this Civic sized SUV continues to capture market share in an increasingly competitive segment. Today's smart buyer is not only concerned with sticker price, fuel economy and ergonomics, but also demands a vehicle that will provide them with years of trouble-free service; while looking good doing so. Honda’s done just that with the CR-V.

I like the body line and design cue of the 2014 CR-V. I find the aerodynamic nose to tail drop off of the roof line to work well with the tailgate, taillight integration. It tends to visually pull the body line a bit closer to the ground reducing the truck-look associated with many SUV’s. None the less, the CR-V does offer 6.5” of ground clearance in stock configuration. Wish to go dirt bogging? Go for it.


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There's no shortage of Honda CR-V's rolling around Western Oregon. As with most Honda's (all) I've watched this small SUV supper-size over the years. Yesterday I stepped a bit curious and took look. This car appears to be a great value for the $ spent and pencils out for long term, trouble -free ownership.