2013 Ford Escape

Will the 2013 Ford Escape be branded a lemon

Multiple recalls of the new 2013 model Escape are starting to raise eyebrows.

The all-new 2013 Ford Escape is a bold departure for the previous model. Is this a cause for concern? When automakers introduce an “all-new” car the truth is that it is almost always a lie. Automakers have learned the hard way that if they introduce a new chassis, a new infotainment system, a new engine, or a new transmission, that they do have some risk of problems. Handling these problems is part of the cost of doing business. To be safe, most manufacturers now carry over either the drivetrain or the chassis (body, suspension etc) and the car is usually only half-new. Warranty and recall procedures keep the customers safe and happy, and the model eventually works through the minor glitches that almost any car can suffer. However, if an automaker has the daring to change all of these things at once the small problems with each system can reach the tipping point and the car can be labeled a lemon. Ford has made that gamble with the 2013 Escape and it really is "all-new."


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they shouldve just said it was for no brake pads or steering wheels falling off and bundled the recalls like chevy did with the cruze 2 for1 and the mags wouldve told everyone how wonderful it is so sales would keep going up
My Ford is a total lemon. Ive had so many repairs its not even funny. The transmission is currently blown out. Its sitting at the dealership until they can figure out what went wrong, really. This vehicle has been in the shop at least 20 times for major repairs. No more Fords for my family.
What did you end up doing?