Ford Evos

Ford Evos experience previews the next generation Mustang's technology advances

Ford unveils the Evos concept at CES in Las Vegas that previews the incredibly advanced driving experience of the next Mustang

It is fitting that the car that Ford may draw from for the new Mustang design is being introduced at a Consumer Electronics Show. After all, once we’re past the V8 and read-drive, the next generation Mustang is likely to be just another rolling internet connection like all new cars. This concept, now about one year into its global unveiling, is what Ford describes in press releases as its future design language. That means this is what its new cars will look like. However, that is really an afterthought as Ford highlights that the Evos is cloud connected. Ford describes the Evos as a “consumer-focused technology experience.”


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Awesome. I'm way looking forward to driving a 2013 Mustang in a week or so.