2014 Cdillac ATS-V CTS Engine

Cadillac readies powerful new 2014 ATS-V twin turbo engine

Cadillac has announced a new twin turbo V6 engine for the CTS. This engine could also be the new ATS-V engine and it would bolt right in.

Is Cadillac preparing the 2014 ATS-V? Cadillac recently surprised a lot of enthusiasts by announcing it will be installing a new twin turbo engine in the 2014 CTS which will be unveiled this coming week at the New York Auto Show. The new 3.6 liter V6 will be based on the current “high content” engine that GM uses across its product lines. This is a very good thing for the recently birthed Cadillac ATS. It means that the smallest Cadillac now has a mill worthy of the “V” moniker and it will bolt right onto the same engine mounts it already uses.

Since the ATS was launched about a year and half ago this news outlet, and others, have speculated that Cadillac might someday offer an ATS-V variant of the new compact sports sedan. However, even though things seem all peace love and profits over at the new GM, the General has to be careful what it does with taxpayer money. Profit sapping fuel sippers and EVs = OK, go for it. Cash cow muscle cars and expensive toys for millionaires = use caution. GM has been able to pay back a few of the loans your neighbors and you provided though, and logic must prevail if GM is to be viable going forward, and that means making cars that bring customers into dealerships, and buyers going out the door in a car that cost less to build than to sell. An ATS-V would fit that bill if the car didn’t require special tooling or a unique engine.


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The current information has shown that all wheel drive with not be available in the CTS with the twin turbo V6. Perhaps the TT/AWD setup will be reserved for the ATS-V? Tack on a few more ponies to separate the ATS-V from the CTS while still leaving plenty of room for the CTS-V...with AWD and a manual transmission...it would be a monster.
You're right! With its relatively low weight and huge power AWD on an ATS-V would be cool! It would stomp an Audi S4. If it was a 2-door it would be a great domestic alternative to the Audi RS 5.