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Don't count Fisker Automotive out yet, says Fisker insider

Reports of the impending demise of Fisker Automotive have been exaggerated in order to force the company into bankruptcy, says an unnamed Fisker Automotive insider.

Is Fisker Automotive about to completely collapse and disappear from the face of the earth? The press is full of articles claiming this is going to happen soon for Fisker, that the company will be another Solyndra story, which may hurt the Obama Administration. A report on Thursday in PlugInCars cites an unnamed former Fisker employee who says essentially that the reporting is unsubstantiated, and to not count Fisker Automotive out just yet.


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Id love to see Fisker succeed but at this point, I have to see it before i will believe it. Now that the US government is sniffing around the financial issues, whoever buys the company could inherit those problems with the feds.