2012 Fisker Karma sedan

Burned Karma owners not fazed by fire, investing in Fisker Automotive

The couple owning the Fisker Karma that burned in Woodside CA a couple weeks are not scared off, but instead are confident about the Fisker Automotive and its mission, and are investing their money in the company.

A couple weeks ago a Fisker Karma caught fire while parked outside a grocery store in Woodside CA, and following an investigation Fisker found the battery pack and electric drive system was not at fault, and has since issued a recall. One might think the owner of that Fisker Karma would be scared off from the company, but the Orange County Register is reporting that, instead, Wendy Burger and her husband are investing in Fisker Automotive. Talk about a vote of confidence.

The Fisker Karma in question caught fire while Rudy, Wendy Burger's husband, had gone inside a grocery store. He came out, saw the car was smoking, called Fisker's hotline, and they told him to call 911. The fire department came, and put out the fire. As you can see in the video embedded below, the fire was in the engine compartment which is located well away from the battery pack and other electric drive train pieces. While there may be electric car naysayers trying to use this incident to create hype around the Fisker Karma, it's clear from this video what part of the car caught fire.


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They called Fisker rather than 911? Is it surprising they invested in the company after their defective car burned? Not too bright.