The Neiman Marcus Ferrari FF

Neiman Marcus sells 10 special Ferrari FF supercars in just 50 minutes

Each year, high end retailer Neiman Marcus features one special vehicle in their holiday catalog and for the 2011 holiday season, Neiman Marcus chose the unique new Ferrari FF – with all then examples of this limited edition Ferrari selling out in less than an hour from when the company began taking orders.

Last year, Neiman Marcus featured the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and all 100 copies of the specially designed drop top muscle car sold out quickly but with the Ferrari Four being a far more exclusive – and expensive – featured vehicle, Neiman Marcus offered up just 10 copies of the 4-door supercar. That means that in just 50 minutes, Neiman Marcus sold just shy of 4 million dollars worth of cars…and who said that the supercar segment was fading?

As in past years, the Neiman Marcus fantasy car came at a premium price of $395,000 - $95,000 more than the stated MSRP of the Ferrari FF. For that additional cost, these lucky 10 buyers get their Ferrari FF without dealing with the lengthy waiting list along with their new Ferrari being clad in a special Grigio Caldo exterior paint. Inside, each of these Ferraris gets a special plaque with the sequence number along with all of the Italian luxury that you would expect of a modern Ferrari. Finally, these ten Ferrari FF buyers will receive enrollment in the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado which is aimed at teaching FF buyers how to drive in the very worst of conditions…while also having some assisted fun in their new 4-door supercar.


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