Fisker Karma deliveries pushed back

When the Fisker Karma hits the streets later this year, the US auto industry will have its first luxury performance sedan with zero emission capabilities but according to a company representative, those hungry for one of the first production-form Karma sedans will be waiting just a bit longer.

The initial plan was for the 2011 Fisker Karma to reach consumers by March or April but when that period of time came and went without a Fisker to be had, people began questioning when the Karma would actually reach showrooms and customers. Well, according to a discussion between and Fisker Automotive director of global communications Roger Ormisher, the first Fisker owners should be able to enjoy their emission free performance sedans by the 4th of July.

Fisker seemingly expects to report no sales in the United States for May or June, meaning that their first official sale in the US market will likely (or hopefully) come in the third quarter of 2011. These models delivered from the Valmet Automotive production facility in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Fisker has stated in the past that they expect to deliver 7,000 Karma sedans in 2011, which would put them at a pace of over 1,000 per month starting in July. This could be a lofty goal as the high-priced Karma would have to compete in sales with the much more affordably priced 2011 Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.


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The car isn't zero emissions; it's a plug-in hybrid, which means it is largely gas powered like the Volt. No big surprise on yet another delay.
It is actually a range extended electric, so can be driven 50M per day all-electric. The gas engine doesnt need to cut in unless you want more power or the batteries are drained.