Radical RXC Turbo

The 2014 Radical RXC Hits US Shores with Ford Mustang, F150 Powerplants

The first street legal 2014 Radical RXC has arrived in the United States with a standard Ford Mustang engine and an optional Ford F150 engine working together to offer American buyers one of the fastest cars in the world…all with American powerplants.

The Radical SR and SR8 have proven themselves at the Nurburgring in Germany as some of the fastest street legal cars in the world but Radical cars didn’t get as much credit in the US because they weren’t legal for road use – until the company introduced their new Radical RXC. Unlike the SR and SR8, the new Radical RXC has a closed cockpit design so it makes a far more realistic road car for Americans. Anticipating more interest from the US market, the British automaker went through the process of making the RXC street legal in California. Now that Radical has gotten the RXC approved for use in California –arguably the toughest state in the US to get a car approved for registration – the company can begin marketing their super high performance sports cars to American buyers.


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How did this fire breathing monster meet or surpass U.S. safety standards? Air bags all around? Front end crumple zone? Or is it registered as a " home built, kit car"...Not that I'm going to bust the bank account for $200 K, just curious.. Interior dimensions please...