Tesla continuing trend of unoriginal names with Model III just feels right

As far as names go, Tesla doesn’t delve too deeply into the depths of creativity. Somehow it seems to work quite well, and the naming of their most important car yet follows the pattern.

Today the British automotive news outlet Auto Express reported that Elon Musk revealed in an exclusive interview that the company’s fabled Generation III sedan will be named...drumroll, please...Model III.

Is anyone surprised by this? Sure, we offered idle speculation on the potential name of the third-generation Tesla vehicle back when it was discovered that Ford would block Tesla’s path to Model E – thereby denying Elon Musk and Tesla of achieving S, E, and X together in a model lineup for the first time in automotive history. (It is worth noting that Tesla had already trademarked Model Y, just in case).

Since Model E was eliminated as an option, though, we feel rather foolish for not seeing this coming. Of course Tesla would name their paradigm-altering mass-market 200-mile range, $35,000 all-electric sedan Model III; it fits like a tailored suit.

Model III aptly describes itself as the dawn of Tesla’s third generation of vehicles, just as Roadster, Model S, and Model X suitably designated themselves as the company’s first roadster, sedan, and crossover vehicle.


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I miss the old days when cars had pronounceable names and the longer the name, the more luxurious and exclusive the car. Now it's all just semi-arbitrary letters and numbers jumbled together. Lame.