Spare tire optional for 2015 Acura TLX

True, 2015 TLX doesn't come standard equipped with a spare tire kit. After much concern expressed by a reader or 2, Torque News looks to the TLX optional accessory list, and rather or not a spare is needed for TLX.

Very few drivers experience flat tires

According to Acura research, very few drivers experience flat tires much less break out a jack and lug wrench to deal with one. For added weight consideration, trunk space and safety concerns, Acura has opted for a 24/7 roadside assist program and a can of “spare tire” in lieu of a conventional emergency spare tire.

Torque News drove all variants of the 2015 Acura TLX and found the car to be exceptional. Does your new TLX need a spare tire and jack? That’s a personal assessment.

This isn’t the first time Acura and other auto manufacturer’s have forgone the conventional spare tire in search for leaner curb weight and manufacturing costs.

In-fact, most sport-cars and some Acura products arrive sans spare tire. For example, looking to Acura’s best selling MDX SUV, we find the spare tire kit absent in the front wheel drive variant, yet present in the SH-AWD, the reasoning here holds water.

No spare tire kit

Those MDX owners venturing off-road will have a higher occurrence of major tire damage beyond the fast-fix capabilities of a self patching canned inflator. And, those venturing off road, may be out of cellphone reach or range of a local towing service.

So, for those TLX buyers with old-school tendencies and concerns, Acura offers a top quality spare tire and installation kit. The suggested MSRP of the kit is $369 plus dealer installation charge. Cost will vary by dealership and your negotiating skills.

Personally, Looking to the trunk of my Volvo S 80 T, I believe there’s a spare in there somewhere. But, in the decade of driving the car, I've never needed it. I believe that that’s the point Acura makes here. Today’s tire technology is superior to that of the past. Most tires are self sealing when it comes to picking up nails, screws, etc from the road. Yes, one can incur sidewall tire damage.(rarely) If it happens on the Freeway, it’s time to call a tow truck.

Safety First

Changing a tire roadside can be fatal. I've lost two friends doing so and have encountered a Highway Patrolman that lost a leg while being sideswiped standing next his unit on the Freeway.


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Baloney! I had three flats last winter alone - sidewall damage from mammoth potholes. Lots of people I have spoken to have the same issue. THe writer must be from Southern California or Hawaii. Waiting on a lonely road for service at midnight is a major issue. My Avalon has a full size spare on an aluminum wheel. Since I have a type of Continental tire not often stocked, I have the capability of driving normal speeds until I can replace one. THe better way to save gas is to put drivers on a diet - most are overweight to start with!
How ya doin' John. Don't kill the messanger. This is Acura's decision. Take cae.
Totally agree with above. Interesting how they are making you safer by not giving you a spare tire, yet they want to sell you pot hole, blow out insurance. I can't remember a time when the flat I had was that perfect little nail that the inflater kit would work with. I bought the spare tire kit after some ridiculous negotiation on the price. Since this is a topic they do not discuss and avoid at time of negotiating the deal, buyer should bring it up and require it thrown in. Unless as the above said you live in Souther California and don't get blow outs.
I disagree with Acura's decision after two tows and lost income of $2k for waiting on tow truck. Never mind the fact that I have never been successful with an inflator kit on a bicycle, let alone a car tire.
You article feels like it was written by Acura rationalizing their decision. I have owned 3 Acura Tls. I decided not to buy the TLX because of it lacking a spare tire. I have had to use my spare on roads and can't imagine sitting in an off the beaten road in in winter at -30 with a can of sealant that may or not work and hope that my tire problem (hole) is not so large that the sealant will work. A spare tire is like insurance on your house. We hope we will never use it but, when we have big problems its nice to know there is a remedy (spare tire) to get us out of the problem. This is in the penny wise pound foolish category... After 3 Acura TLs I have purchased another vehicle (with a spare tire)... I believe you will loose sales because of your decision... A spare tire should come standard!!!.
welcome w. Teppler. Interestingly enough, in writing this article, the author reflected on his own flat tire experience, or lack of it... Personally, I would have opted for the dealership installed spare tire kit, negotiating it into the sales price of the car. but that's just my personal view. You state you purchased a competing brand with a standard spare on board. Great! I personally hope you never have to use it! Safe driving and thanks for dropping in.
This is the worst crap i ever experienced. Stuck on the highway with a blow out. Waited 3 hours for acura roadside assistance, they couldn't come on the restricted highway that i was on so i had to spend extra money for the nj turnpike authority to tow me off the highway then wait for roadside assistance to pick me up. All of this could've been avoided if i had a spare tire.
Welcome B. You do have a spare tire kit option at an added cost. Buy one. Take care, and safe driving.
I just purchased an Acura MDX ( $ $50,000 ). No Spare Tire came with it. That is just plain Sorry on Acura's part so they could save money and make more money by selling the spare tire to it's loyal customers. It is just another excuse for Acura to Ripoff the customer. I am very disappointed and will not buy this unsafe product again.
Take it back Steve! I'm confident that your aware that most of the new generation vehicles on the road today do not come with a spare tire, and haven't for the better part of a decade. Acura and others provide a "flat tire repair kit.' and in the case of the TLX, the vehicle that this article was directed to, is available with an optional spare temporary rim mounted tire and jack. I believe the same to be true with your MDX in most regions, the best selling premium 3-row SUV in North America.
I have a tlx an bought a full size spare and rim for 200. The tire Sticks up a bit in the trunk but I dont care because when you get a blowout with no spare you are screwed.
This is the second flat tire in 6 months. this one had a 2hr wait for a tow truck after hours and a flat bed because the left rear side wall flat couldn't be towed and that was in town. then the tire shop didn't have the tire until the next day. wonderfull 83rd birthday dinner for my father-in-law. not having a spare is just stupid especially in the north west where phone service can be spotty in the mountains.300.00$ is rediculus