Honda IMA.

Honda’s IMA will dominate future high performance automotives

Honda, a company of many firsts introduced IMA (integrated motor assist) to the world in the original 1999 Insight, still the average mpg record holder for a major manufactured production hybrid. I believe that Honda will dominate the future performance hybrid market in North America.

When we take a look at the Honda 2014 CR-Z Hybrid Sports Coupe, We find a vehicle that demonstrates the beauty of IMA applied automotive engineering. IMA, first Introduced to the world by Honda in the form of the original mass produced gasoline electric hybrid; the 1999 Insight. Despite the onslaught of automotive news media driven battery -life and replacement cost propaganda that resulted in consumer hesitancy to purchase one, the Insight was the least expensive hybrid of the day and would set average mpg records that still stand to this day.

From time to time I’ll sight one on the streets of Eugene and am always taken aback by the Jetson Esque modern line and mono chrome paint theme of the original Insight.

Fifteen years after its inception these cars remain very cutting edge. At the heart of this well working Hybrid is the Honda IMA propulsion configuration. Beautiful in its simplicity, Honda Engineering has married a primary high efficiency small displacement 1-VTEC engine with an electric ( power booster.) And of -course a lithium battery for surplus generated power storage.


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As we find the IMA 2014 CR-Z coming up on 200 hp while sipping gasoline (40 mpg,) looks to me like the future in fuel efficient power delivery is Honda's IMA. What do you think?