Acura NSX concept hybrid

Honda's Acura NSX concept will smoke AMG in Gran Torismo 6

Although Acura did not unveil its next generation NSX gasoline, tri-electric Hybrid at the L.A. Auto show; as AMG presented its Gran Torismo 6 concept car to the world, they have designed a world class contender that Honda says will be available to the public in 2015.

In the high stakes game of limited production million dollar concept cars, Honda has taken a very temporary backseat to Mercedes AMG. For whatever reason, both companies have opted to launch R&D concepts through the bigger than life virtual reality game Gran Torismo 6. Fans familiar with high definition virtual reality also know that millions play these games with revenues to the maker meeting and exceeding major motion picture production. It’s a win, win scenario for all participants.

The revenue is huge and the audience vast. But what’s really going on here for performance auto manufacturers is a very cost effective method of measuring the public's reaction to a future production model, or something very similar to the current concept.


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Yeah, I know, it's just a game... Maybe. I see the NSX coming down the road long before AMG Mercedes pulls the trigger on their retro rod. What do you think?
My car is going to be quad-electric so there
Sweet...What car? Tells us about it...