2014 Honda Fit

2014 Honda Fit beats Nissan Versa-Note in initial purchase value

We took a very close look at these contenders to determine that Honda Fit is the superior new car value when compared to the Nissan Versa-Note. Identical in size and utility, it comes down to a cheapened price-point interior and performance, versus dollars well spent.

The 2012 Versa Note was voted “best back to school car” by Kelley Blue Book. No doubt about it, the Versa- Note in its S variant is the least expensive 4 to 5 passenger hatchback on the market today.

Starting msrp for a 2014 Note is $13,990.. While the car is bare- basic and a bit under-powered at 109 hp., it will get your student off to class in relative safety. Honda can’t touch the Note’s msrp in North America. An entry level 2014 Honda Fit has a ‘starting price’ of $15425, $1500 higher than the Nissan. Let’s discover why...

We decided to take a closer look at the cosmetic as well as mechanical differences between these two entry level contenders. For a first time car buyer looking for affordability, fuel economy and general reliability, either car will do the job. So, for us, looking at the overall picture makes sense before signing on the bottom line. A few dollars saved on a vehicle at the time of purchase can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars at trade- in or resale time.

According to K.B.B., the Honda Civic and Accord have the highest resale value of any light vehicle in North America. Undoubtedly the Honda Fit will hold a higher residual value after 36 months over that of the Nissan Versa-Note.


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