More on Copper Alliance at SAE World Congress

SAE World Congress: Malcolm Burwell to speak at Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium

Malcolm Burwell, Director of Technology Development for the International Copper Association, will be speaking at the Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium about the rare earth metal shortage and what it means for the copper industry. He also will be at the SAE World Congress, and TorqueNews will be available to interview him.

Malcolm Burwell, Director, Technology Development and Transfer, for the International Copper Association (ICA), will present Copper Rotor Induction Motors: One Alternative to Rare Earths in Traction Motors at 11 a.m. Monday (23 April) at the SAE 2012 Powertrain Electric Motors Symposium for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit. He also will show a video in which auto industry experts weigh in on the viability of the copper rotor induction motor as an alternative to the permanent magnet motor for electric vehicles.

As a follow-up to my previous TorqueNews report on the Copper Alliance ( Read: Auto industry looking to Copper Alliance as alternative to rare earth materials ), this latest news release by the International Copper Association further supports the proposition that the copper rotor induction motor is back in the spotlight as a cost-effective alternative to the permanent magnet motor for electric vehicle traction.


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I like the geo-political implementation to non-rare earth elements to manufacture electric motors. Right the fear is that China holds most of the reserves and has shown in the past it can tweak markets to squeeze extra pennies from manufacturers. The truth is that we really don't need them and can find alternatives. One thing though, copper is a tricky market. The past decade has seen copper price skyrocket, so I wonder how feasible it is to put ones weight behind it. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to hear what the symposium concludes with. I will be at the EV Symposium in Los Angeles early May where they will also talk about it. Nicolas