Jeremy Rifkin opens Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy 2011 Conference and Exposition

Jeremy Rifkin, famed author and hydrogen proponent, believes a new paradigm in the world's economic future is about to come to fruition as he opens the 2011 FC&HE.

The Tucson iX Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) is the third generation and will debut at the conference. (Photo by permission of Hyundai media.)

Rifkin is one of the 13 energy experts who will keynote the annual event, according to the FCHE website .

While GM with its HydroGEN vehicle, and Daimler and Toyota with there own versions, each is a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Honda is a Gold Sponsor.

The Tucson iX Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV), for example, will be able to travel about 650 kilometers on a single charge, due to a 100-kilowatt fuel cell system and two hydrogen storage tanks. This is similar to a gas-powered vehicle and represents a 76% advance over the second generation Tucson FCEV, which couldn’t travel for more than 370 kilometers, which is a little more than a half of what the current-generation Tucson can.

Fuel cells and hydrogen energy are seen as essential elements in clean energy portfolio and key to American competitiveness, job growth and national security.


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