Cyclone Power engine on left; Volt technology display on right

Cyclone Power EC engine in a Chevy Volt would make a fine mix

Imagine a Chevy Volt generator engine that burns any fuel, and so thorough that it nets little to no pollution. Shouldn't these two companies, GM and Cyclone Power, be talking?

That concept of a Chevy Volt with an external combustion generator motor has been a scenario in my mind ever since I came across the external combustion steam engine technology of Cyclone Power Technologies (OTCBB: CYPWR). What’s more, the scenario is feasible because the transfer medium is steam.

Right now, General Motors (NYSE: GM) is touting the Chevy Volt as an electric car with a range extender motor. True, that motor runs on gasoline, but it doesn’t have to.

Think about it. While a generator engine merely has to operate at its most efficient speed so as to burn fuel efficiently, the choice of technology can add or detract from its image. It is, after all, merely a power component to drive a generator which recharges the battery pack.

GM already has its generator motor operation at an ideal RPM rate. However, its choice of internal combustion engine is still not as efficient as it could be. Change fuel to natural gas? Sure, but when? GM seems to be basking still in its halo mode for the Volt, while there is much more to accomplish with an already high-tech propulsion system.


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I have been following Cyclone Power Technology since 2011 ( I also own their stock). While I agree with your idea of a Cyclone engine in a hybrid is a good combination I don't believe GM would be the best fit. GM management has shown no desire to lead change in the auto industry. They are content with hanging their hats on past successes. They let other companies take risk in new directions. When the risk pays off and the company is now the dominate force GM is left to play catch up. For example Toyota took a risk on hybrid technology in the form of a small hatch back. The Prius became successful and is now synonymous with the word hybrid. GM has finally responded with the lack luster and confusing hybrid plug in, Chevy volt. The volt has failed to sell in large volumes due to looks, performance, simplicity, and price. I believe a cyclone and Tesla partnership can succeed where GM has failed. Tesla brings luxurious design, performance, and advance battery technology to the electric car field. Tesla model-s interior is high tech and luxurious. The large customizable touch screen is forward thinking for a number of reasons. The cabin space is unparalleled do to the battery technology which allows for the battery pack to fit flat on the floor of the car. Reviews on the car's performance (handling, ride, acceleration) have all been exceptional. The only issue Tesla is facing is “Range Anxiety.” Currently batteries do not have the energy density or the support infrastructure to over come “Range Anxiety”. This is where a cyclone engine the WHE (which is scalable) would fit perfectly. The WHE engine provides the necessary power generator and it can run on any fuel regardless of what physical state it is in (gas, liquid, solid). This car would be easy to market because there are many positives that appeal to the masses for example: “Runs on any fuel”, “Lower cost of ownership”, “American Made-(Cyclone & Tesla are American companies that manufacture in America)”
I'd rather pair the cyclone engine with the WikiSpeed car. Check it out (, I think you'll agree.
I'd rather pair the cyclone engine with the WikiSpeed car. Check it out (, I think you'll agree.