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Toyota launching TMG performance brand for future sports cars

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is set to become the high-performance division of Toyota for sports cars coming out of the partnership with BMW.

The recently announced Toyota partnership with BMW that we reported on last week, is becoming clearer with every passing day. The agreement said that the two companies would jointly build the architecture and components for a future sports vehicle. We also know now that the cars will not share a common design, but will retain their own individual brand and character despite jointly developed technologies.

It’s this new brand identity that Toyota is looking to develop that will lead them to use the existing German-based Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) to bring out their new sports cars. Akio Toyoda is first a performance enthusiast and a professional race car driver. He is CEO of Toyota Motor Company second. Toyoda has made it clear that he will change the perception of Toyota by developing new sports cars and he will need a performance division in which to launch those cars.

And what better model to use than that of the German brands that are experiencing tremendous success with their luxury brands and high-performance sports cars. Mercedes-Benz has AMG, and BMW has their high-performance M division. Currently Toyota uses their Toyota Motorsport GmbH facility located in Cologne, Germany to do high-performance testing and development for Toyota racing. In the near future, the strategically located facility, will provide Toyota the performance brand to launch their new sports cars.


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