Lexus LF-LC Blue

LF-LC Blue reveals the future culture of Lexus

Lexus has revealed the stunning new LF-LC Blue concept and it reveals the future with advanced materials and hybrid technologies.

Lexus has chosen the 2012 Australian International Motor Show in Sidney to reveal the LF-LC Blue concept and what the future of the luxury brand from Toyota will look like. The Lexus LF-LC made its debut in Detroit earlier this year and the Blue concept is the second version of the hybrid supercar that Toyota has revealed. We’ve known that Toyota is changing the culture of Lexus and CEO Akio Toyoda is leading the charge to do it. The Lexus LF-LC Blue is what the future culture of Lexus will look like. It’s going to be sportier, faster and offer luxury sports cars that will compete with the Germans.

The new spirit and culture at Lexus begins with the latest performance-oriented hybrid technology. Many performance car enthusiasts fear that performance and hybrid technology can’t exist together, but the Lexus LF-LC shows that it can. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have also been working on new technology that will transform the luxury, high-performance sports car segment. BMW and Toyota have even formed a new partnership to develop future performance sports cars.


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