Jeep Wrangler Dragon concept

Jeep Wrangler Dragon concept breathes fire in Beijing

Jeep Wrangler “Dragon” Design Concept is unveiled at the 2012 Beijing International Auto Show.

The 2012 Beijing Auto Show will be remembered not just as the “Year of the Dragon”, but as the year of the Limited Edition/Special Edition car. Following the lead of Rolls-Royce with their “Year of the Dragon” Special Edition Phantom, the Victoria Beckham Special Edition Range Rover Evoque was also introduced at the show. Next to join the party was Aston Martin who unveiled its own China-focused Dragon 88 Limited Edition model at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

Not to be left out, Jeep has come up with their own Dragon theme and just unveiled the Jeep Wrangler Dragon concept in China. With more Jeeps being sold in China than in any other country besides the U.S. and Canada, the brand has targeted this important market for future expansion. To cater to the Chinese, Jeep has rolled into Beijing with the off-road icon of the Jeep brand, and integrated it with the honored Chinese icon, the dragon.


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