Volvo XC60 Inscription

Volvo 2013 XC60 Inscription offers buyers the pinnacle of sport utility luxury

The new 2013 Volvo XC60 Inscription will bring an already high level of luxury to a new level with custom interior and exterior treatments to set the compact sport utility apart from the crowd

A Conservative Past
The days of the boxy Volvo sedan made to be solidly reliable and not much more have now passed. In place of this image Volvo has substituted sleek, dynamic, luxury vehicles that buyers look to for refinement and world class luxury. In fact, the best-selling Volvo last year was the compact, sporty, XC60 SUV. This vehicle may well be the best looking compact SUV in the world and it is almost certainly the best looking Volvo. Its sedan sibling the S60 is neck and neck for that title. Good looks matter in this luxury sport ‘ute segment. The Mercedes-Benz GLK and the BMW X3 are no slouches. Porsche’s new entry to the market, the Macan, is certain to be the high-performer and Lexus’ RX350 is a huge seller in this segment with new good looks. To set the XC60 apart Volvo is introducing the Inscription trim package.


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