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Robert Pattinson buys 2001 Chevy Silverado from Craigslist

The Twilight star revealed the surprising news last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

What would you drive if you were one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood? Perhaps a brand new Fisker Karma, which is the vehicle choice of celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Matt Damon. Or how about the ultra-expensive Bugatti Veyron, a popular vehicle for stars such as Simon Cowell, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne? While some superstars opt for opulent rides, others take a more modest approach.

For example, Twilight star Robert Pattinson recently purchased a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado for $2,500. That’s right, Pattinson, who has a net worth of $64 million, just purchased a used pickup truck. As if that were not strange enough, the actor bought the used Chevy off of Craigslist.

Pattinson revealed the news during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night. According to Pattinson, he obtained the vehicle about three months ago from a man living in Chino Hills, Calif. Although Pattinson tried to talk the man down to $300, he eventually paid the seller’s asking price of $2,500. As for his decision to buy on Craigslist, Pattinson remarked, “I buy everything off Craigslist. Every single car that I’ve bought.”


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