GM Road Squad at Woodward

GM showcasing 60 years of Corvette at Woodward

General Motors has events planned all week for the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, including sponsorship of the Dream Cruise itself on the 60th anniversary of the legendary Corvette.

General Motors is the presenting sponsor at this years Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit's largest outdoor automotive event in which millions of car fans come together (rain or shine) to see showcases of cars of legend and renown. It's the world's largest one-day event, happening on Saturday, August 18th.

Leading up to the event, GM has several things happening including yesterday's Chevrolet Volt Owner Ice Cream Social in which 50 Volt owners were invited to ice cream at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield Hills and then took a silent electric Volt cruise down Woodward. Today is the Design Car Show hosted by the GM Design Team showing personal vehicles of GM designers to the public.

Tomorrow is Chevrolet Performance at Memorial Park, opening the Chevrolet Performance display that will run through Saturday night showcasing a collection of performance show and production vehicles from GM including motorsports and parts.


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