Opel Insignias special police editions for Hessen Police

German police can't fit into their new squad cars

The German Polizei are learning the hard way that modern auto design is cramped and uncomfortable as new squad cars being delivered from Opel are too small for the men and their equipment.

The German state of Hessen put in a €25 million Euro order ($32.8M USD) for new police cars from General Motor's European brand Opel back in 2010 and began receiving specially marked and outfitted Opel Insignias that year. Officers of the Polizei immediately noticed something..

They don't fit in these new, smaller, sleeker cars. The officers, who carry a lot more equipment on their person than the average citizen out for a drive, are finding that they can't sit in the seats the vehicles are equipped with thanks to their batons, guns, handcuffs, pepper spray, cell phones.. and the host of other accoutrement that police the world over generally carry.

What's more, they have trouble seeing out the rear and sides of the Insignias thanks to the low roofline, small-ish windows, and small side view mirrors. That's a safety problem beyond just comfort issues.



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Buick makes a Regal wagon in the United States? Really?
No, but they had planned it as a 2012 model and even brought some Insignias to the US with Buick symbols on them in 2011. There's reportedly a 5-door liftback model in the works.
You threw me because you said you had sat in one. Thought I had somehow missed its resurrection after being killed off.
The way it was worded in the article gave the impression it was a current model. I've changed that.