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Opel Ampera dominates Monte Carlo Rally [Video]

The Chevy Volt's European cousin, the Opel Ampera, won the 13th International Monte Carlo Rally in the electric cars and alternative propulsion category over the weekend. This is the first-time the Opel Ampera has competed in the Monte Carlo and won.

Driving the winning Opel Ampera in the Monte Carlo Rally was the French team Bernard Darniche and Joseph Lambert. The French team should feel proud as they beat 130 competitors from 30 different automakers from around the world.

“The sophisticated technology of the Ampera was always reliable and enabled our tremendous success,” said Joseph Lambert who won the Rally. Lamberts's co-driver, Bernard Darniche, is no stranger to the Rally and winning. The extremely successful former professional rally driver won the legendary event back in 1979 and has more than 10 times been successful in winning the special stage over the famous Col de Turini. This stage is referred to as the "Night of the Long Knives" since the Alpine pass is usually driven in darkness. That's got to be exciting, but scary!

Out of seven Opel Amperas that entered the race a total of 4 finished in the Top 10. Driving the other Amperas that placed in the top 10 were Charlotte Berton and Olivier Sussot who came in third place, Jean-Claude Andruet and Patrick Lienne who came in 7th place and Hanns Werner Wirth and Daniel Riesen finished 8th..


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